Distributed Terrorism

> 2022-08-05

This is a thought experiment on alternative terrorist attack vectors.

General hallmarks of terroism are violent attacks against non-combatants to achieve ideological goals. Additionally, in my own observations it typically involves:

  1. improvised weaponry (such as hijacked airplanes)
  2. leveraged impact (high target/attacker ratio)

The latter is what I’m inverting in this scenario.

Instead of several attackers hitting large collections of targets, several attackers would target individual or small groups of targets separately.

Basically, this would be multiple homicides comprising a distributed terror attack.

Targets could be selected using a social graph to identify the most highly-connected individuals whose loss would be felt by the most people. An attack like this would require significant manpower and coordination opening it up to discovery - however, it seems like this is a potential scenario worth monitoring.

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