Political Brainstorm No. 3

> 2022-08-23

Below is another loose collection of ideas to improve U.S. political function.


  1. Git-tracked legislation: while developing legislation, changes introduced by different members should be tracked in Git or a Git-like platform that would allow exact blame to be attributed. Additionally, this could be overlayed with political donation records to know exactly what influences there were. Note that this is basically if there are no single-issue bills available.

Goal: exact legislative attribution.

  1. Single-issue political platforms: ad hoc parties formed for hyper-specific purposes. Essentially “one and done” operations put forward specific legislation and endorse candidates that pledge to enact it. After completion, they disband.

Goal: outcome-oriented initiatives with broader party appeal.

  1. Single-issue legislation: this is a longstanding goal of many current politicians but it’s worth reiterating in this list.

Goal: simple and understandable legislation.

  1. Single-payout financial distributions: any legislation requiring financial payouts must be done in tandem, and only once, with it being passed. This means payouts cannot carry over into the future.

Goal: explicit “re-upping” for financial distributions and capped requisitions.

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