Some Investments

> 2024-03-11

I’ve made several venture-style investments as an entry-level angel. Below is the initial portfolio.

Calm Company Fund [1]: This was a crowdfunded campaign for the fund company which invests in revenue-generating startups. It’s the most thesis-driven stake I’ve taken so far as it aligns with my position that SaaS companies should generate revenue immediately given their low barrier to entry. [2]

Vuecason [3]: In addition to the fascinating technology, the overall vibe compatibility drove this investment. My posts online drew the syndicate leader’s attention leading her to solicit my investment. Additionally, the co-founder’s overall worldview and problem-solving approach he presented online resonated with me.

Valar Atomics [4]: There was a similar vibe-based connection here as well as my longstanding interest in nuclear energy. [5] I also found the arbitrage of energy format, nuclear to hydrocarbon, to be a particularly fascinating market-based engine to place the company on.

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